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Advanced Magnesium + Formula - 1 Month Supply

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Designed to support muscle relaxation and function, nervous system health, plus bone health and density.

  • Contains 3 forms of Magnesium
  • Contains 201 mg of total Magnesium
  • Supports muscle relaxation
  • Supports energy production
  • Maintains bone health + density

Advanced Magnesium+ contains three forms of Magnesium in a formula with 201 mg of total Magnesium to support you.

MUSCLE RELAXATION: Magnesium supports muscle relaxation and healthy muscle contraction function.

GENERAL WELLBEING: Magnesium supports nervous system health and function, heart and bone health, bone density, and healthy teeth. It assists sugar and carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis in the body, and healthy bone development and growth.



The JSHealth Advanced Magnesium+ formula contains 3 forms of Magnesium.

Active ingredients per film coated tablet: 

Magnesium glycinate dihydrate 434 mg,
            equiv. Magnesium 51 mg

Magnesium citrate 626.57 mg,
            equiv. Magnesium 100 mg

Magnesium amino acid chelate 250 mg,
            equiv. Magnesium 50 mg 

Total Magnesium 201 mg

Vegan formula. Does not contain crustacea, egg, fish, milk, peanut, sesame, soy, tree nut, animal products or artificial colours.

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