The principle of contrast therapy is based on the concepts of vasodilation in heat (Sauna) and vasoconstriction in cold (Ice Bath). ​​​​​​​​​

Essentially, this alternates the flow of blood between internal organs and extremities, which can reduce swelling and inflammation, improve sleep, improve circulation, reduce depression, and provide an overall sense of wellbeing.

Additionally, studies have shown that shows positive effects on the nervous system, which means a positive effect on your mental state.

During Heat therapy:
• The warmth of your body releases beta-endorphins, a chemical that suppresses pain.

• Increases Prolactin levels - a hormone that makes the brain function faster, promotes the growth of myelin, which repairs the nerve cells in the brain.

• Heat stimulates the growth of new brain cells (BDNF), enhances learning, memory, and combats cognitive decline and depression.

During Cold Therapy:
• Dopamine is released into the body and stimulates your body's reward and pleasure systems, facilitating learning, increasing motivation and mood.

• A cold shock protein called RBM3 regenerates damaged brain cells, boosts memory, and prevents cognitive decline.

During Contrast Therapy:
• Increased norepinephrine levels, a hormone/neurotransmitter responsible for increased vigilance, focus, attention, and mood.

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